The Sanity Saver For Raising Teens


Much of my sanity through the child rearing years has been saved by a group of gorgeous girlfriends, Thai food and a bottle of wine.  As the beautiful bundles of joy that are my children, have grown into well spoken (outspoken) teens, I have had to look a little further afield for sanity savers in the form of solid parenting advice.

As I pick out undies from jeans thrown in the washing pile, move shoes from where they landed just inside the front door, pack away the washing up, wipe over the bathroom floor and generally mull over my effectiveness as a parent of teens, I draw on one great piece of advice that is helping keep me sane.   Continue reading



We decided to embark on a family creativity exercise, and came up with W.O.W – word of the week!  The idea was that we randomly chose a word from the dictionary, then we all had to go and create something that represented that word.  It could be anything, using any form of expression and could be as big or little as you would like it to be.

Here are some of the things we came up with!

Craig’s poem

Leonie’s Granny’s Great Advice cards (watch it in full screen)

Steph’s Elder – Chinese Words

Steph's Elder - Chinese Words

Maddie’s Elder Flowers painting

Maddie's Elder Flowers